Enterprise Content Strategy

How does your organization handle content? Do you have a comprehensive content strategy? How are you integrating and managing portals, customer data sources and legacy systems?

In this information age, content is your most important asset. You probably know it already. Lets say you already have it. What good it is to have the content, if you don't have proper means to access it. We can help you build delivery mechanisms that integrate seamlessly with your existing business processes. Our content philosophy revolves around treating content as a separate entity, but one that cannot live on its own, so we integrate it tightly with people, processes and methodologies, at the same time ensuring compliance.

Berybos can help you evaluate your current situation and build a comprehensive content strategy. We help organizations build and manage content frameworks that in turn increase stakeholder value.

Choosing the right platform

Often times, vendors come in and show bells and whistles on a sales presentation to get senior executives buy into a product. Your existing infrastructure and corporate policy may have some limitations and they say they can work around it. But do you have the knowledge capital to do the research and understand if this, in fact is the right vendor to partner with? Sometimes choosing FileNet versus Documentum has its advantages. Sometimes choosing RedDot for WCMS over plumtree has its advantages. You have Oracle. You have Wiki based solutions. You have web 2.0 collaborative technologies maturing for the corporate world. Then you have some great open source software. You have application web servers that like Apache, IBM and other Microsoft technologies. Whether assisting in the vendor selection process, or implementing a enterprise content solution, Berybos can help you succeed.

Berybos can bring in strong knowledge on all these technologies and hands on ECM and BPM experience to devise and implement a comprehensive content strategy for your organization, at an affordable price!

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