Though very selective, we encourage VCs and investors to reach out to us to explore common areas of interest and discuss any specific project on our portfolio. We have several state-of-the-art technologies that are already developed and completely out of the seed stage, ready for mass marketing and next level growth. Everything in our portfolio is free of debt. We emphasize on teamwork and consider all potential partnerships thoroughly.

All investment enquiries will be answered. We go over an overview of our company and present you with potential opportunities. Our vision is fueled with imagination and creativity and in this internet age anything is possible if you have strong vision, work hard and have excellent work ethics.

Remember we have flexible exit strategies and it is custom to every project on our portfolio! We believe in building companies that are long lasting and would bring in a service that is valuable for consumers, but at the same time never loose sight of the original objectives set forth by the investors.

Even if you are not part of the big investment clubs or VC community, but an independent small investor, we still will honor you and review any potential investment opportunity.

Join us and share our vision!



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