How many projects have you worked on that went as per plan?

Most project management nightmares arise from poor upfront planning. Whether it is going over budget, or consultants presenting a new problem a week prior to go-live, the end result can be disastrous. In many cases it is the lack of oversight and, overlooking certain critical technology components during the initial planning has been the reason, or at least the start of a domino effect.

Innovative Project Planning

Our innovative project planning methodologies help companies, manage projects more efficiently, reduce costs, and anticipate potential issues upfront. We have a custom methodology for all projects that has some technology component and we build a custom framework for each client. We work on the principle that no two projects are alike. We integrate people, processes, components and events and build risk management and mitigation techniques, right into the project plan.

For example, we even analyze the resume of the individual team members as well as other members who will have interaction with the project. Here we are not actually looking to see if the person is a fit, but actually exploring the psychological aspect of it and understand the risk for certain events that occur within the project duration. We analyze the individual's self-interest and apply that factor in planning to mitigate risk. This may sound simple, but we analyze and include hundreds of complex metrics. We bring in ancient wisdom.

Our in-depth technology knowledge, and experience running large scale teams in several verticals, make us the ideal choice to partner with. We can come in as a freelance consultant and manage the project by applying our project planning principles, or we can deliver a solid foundation plan and jumpstart you towards success!

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