Our approach to User Experience

The human element drives user experience design. We know all the guiding principles when it comes to creating an amazing user experience. Psychology, Cognitive Science, Graphical Design and User Demographics are some of the areas we focus while developing a user experience for you. We apply industry best practices and principles, but all of which won't make sense unless it is tailor made for you.

Building the Perfect User Experience
To begin with, we build a strategy and understand your customer base. A typical visitor's eyeball moves along the letter "F". We place components and user action buttons at the right place. If you don't have a perfect logo, we provide custom logo design that will blend in perfectly with other elements on a page. We apply our web strategy principles to portray the right Brand message to customers. For example if the message is about "Being GREEN", we make sure subtle elements on the page along with composition conveys that message beautifully. A right mix of color palette with custom built process methodology based on demographics will improve overall experience.

Usability Testing
We take a unique approach to usability testing. We build models and flow charts for you to measure process abandonment. Our models even integrate the process with Google Website Optimizer and other tools traditionally viewed as web analytics tools.

But we also focus on basics. In addition to internal testing to measure performance, accuracy and emotional response, we continue to monitor metrics in a live site by integrating external Polls and feedback tools to get direct response from visitors. We shed so much light to you about the whole process!

Heat Maps
We utilize the Google Analytics and other enterprise web analytics tools to understand the generated heat maps on any given page.

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