21st century has brought some interesting challenges to the corporate world. The internet has revolutionized everything and has touched the lives of almost everyone. Businesses need to adjust and reach out for consumers in a totally different fashion. A comprehensive web strategy is necessary to survive in this competitive world.

Our unique approach
Unlike other big firms, marketing companies, and management outlets, our offering is based on our unique relationship model. We focus on four key areas. 1.Attract, 2.Please, 3.keep and 4.Deliver. Having a nice website is not enough to get customers, let alone retain them. Undergoing a process of website redesign is simply not enough. SEO and Viral Marketing are only the tip of the iceberg!

You need a strategy that allows your company to attract customers. You need a strategy that understands your business and can create a rich user experience. You need someone with deep knowledge on all aspects of internet strategy. You need a strategy to keep customers on your website long enough. You need a strategy that tells you how to build a robust infrastructure and to retain customers in the long run. You need a strategy that increases stakeholder value.

You need our flagship branded service - Limepal Web Strategy, to work for you! Visit limepal.com to understand our approach, various elements involved in a web strategy and watch information videos and whitepapers.



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